Entelai Pic Covid-19

AI tool to assist in the detection of probable Covid-19 using chest x-ray images.

We want to contribute in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. For this purpose, we have adapted our Artificial Intelligence algorithms for chest X-rays to detect suspicious cases of Covid-19 versus other pneumonias and healthy patients. The details of the development, the datasets we used and the algorithms are detailed in our blog . If you are a doctor and want to contribute with confirmed positive cases, please contact us to collaborate. It is very important to understand that the tool does not have any regulatory approval and should only be used by medical professionals at their own discretion and responsibility. Uploaded images should not contain any identifiable information and we will delete the images after they are used in the analysis.

To use this tool simply fill out the form and upload the chest x-ray image in one of the following formats: jpg, png, dcm. It is very important that the image does not include any personal information about the patient. Always upload digital images. Do not upload photos taken with a cell phone. Product pending regulatory approval by ANMAT.

Fantasy patient ID (optional)
supported formats: .dcm, .jpg, .jpeg, .png